Because you don't have to put yourself on hold while raising your family


This is a place for expecting and new Mamas to be inspired to look after themselves and live their dreams while raising their little ones.

Parenthood doesn't have to be a time of putting yourself on hold.
You don't have to give up on your dreams.

In fact, with just some simple daily actions and a shift in the way you look at pregnancy, birth and motherhood, the first few years of parenthood can instead be the most fertile time of your life to connect with your authentic self. 

Figure out your real dreams. Become the person you've always wanted to be. Live your best life!

Just Seek, Act and Love.


Money, motherhood and your true value

amy cass feeding b+w

It was one of the biggest realisations of my life. I was sitting on the couch, my nine month old asleep on my chest, and tears where streaming down my face. ‘Aha moment’ seems inadequate. This was a bolt of clarity that brought such emotions it was almost surreal. Something finally clicked. I’m going to be totally honest here and say I tried numerous times to record a video blog

Inspiring Mama: Tahl Rinsky

Tahl Rinsky

  There were so many ‘aha’ moments and little yelps of ‘hell yes!’ when I read tonight’s Inspiring Mama post for the first time, I wanted to highlight every sentence. Every word was a confirmation of what I’ve been trying to say on this website for nearly two years. Tahl Rinsky gets it. She gets that guilt comes from not prioritising your own needs as a Mama. She gets that

What you focus on expands…

what are you focusing on

It’s a pretty enlightened Mama who can find joy in the same household chores everyday. I know Sarah Napthali of the amazing ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ series devotes chapters to the Buddhist approach towards cleaning, cooking and washing – done with mindfulness and used as a time to be truly in the present moment, housework can be an integral part of being a Happy Mama. Ever tried it? Not as easy

July Love List


Here we go Mamas! When I posted a bit of a call to action last week, you responded with such heartfelt passion and enthusiasm, I was blown away. So many of you sent me messages of “I’m with you!” “Take me with you!” and “Hell yes!” that I truly had to sit back and pinch myself. This is it Amy – they really do want to do this with you.

The only mantra you need as a new Mama

The only mantra you need as a new Mama

Trust your instincts. It’s what everyone tells you as a new Mama – right before they bombard you with their advice. Just do what feels natural to you, they say. And then they advice you of the most unnatural-feeling insights into parenting you’ve ever heard. But as new Mamas, we tend to latch on to experience. We think that because someone has done it before, then they must know best.

How to get out of your head, and into your heart

How to get out of your head and into your heart

Yeah yeah yeah. I’d heard it all before too. Meditation changes your life. The most successful people on the planet meditate. No-one is too busy to find time to meditate.  I’d even written about it on this site and for various magazines over the years. And when I did give it a shot (mostly at the end of a yoga class if I was lucky enough to stay awake), it

Inspiring Mama: Sharon Mitchell

sharon mitchell mayday mummy

There are so many parts of this Inspiring Mama’s story that I love. First, there’s what she does for a living. As you know – motherhood can be an amazing catalyst for great soul searching, career-rethinking, and discovering new passions. It’s what we’re all about, right? Well this Mama has got that – and some. She’s taken her own lessons in motherhood and found a way to help others when

How to look after yourself on the tough Mama days

newborn tough SAL

It can come as a bit of a shock. For the new Mama, expecting a world of newborn love and amazement, the realities of a baby can be quite unexpected. You’re meant to love it, aren’t you? I mean, ALL of it? We know what the answer to that is now. The thing is, not many of us talk about the tough days. We don’t open up about how we’re

Inspiring Mama: Amy Tucker

Amy and Orla

Motherhood can be such a catalyst for change.  For those of us brought up on images of hard-nosed career women in power suits taking on the corporate world, stepping away from the demands of the career ladder can actually be quite a relief. We could never leave our careers for anything other than babies, so when we do take some time out to be a Mama, it’s often the first

When do you slow down?

slow down

  Two years ago, I was blessed to be in the same room as Louise Hay. The founder of Hay House publishing and the Mother of Positive Affirmations, this woman had been on my bedside table for years. Decades. So when she walked out onto the stage, it felt like I was in the presence of greatness. Do you know what this amazing woman did? She sat down, took a