Because you don't have to put yourself on hold while raising your family


This is a place for expecting and new Mamas to be inspired to look after themselves and live their dreams while raising their little ones.

Parenthood doesn't have to be a time of putting yourself on hold.
You don't have to give up on your dreams.

In fact, with just some simple daily actions and a shift in the way you look at pregnancy, birth and motherhood, the first few years of parenthood can instead be the most fertile time of your life to connect with your authentic self. 

Figure out your real dreams. Become the person you've always wanted to be. Live your best life!

Just Seek, Act and Love.


Mama Fuel: Schedule in fun!

emily ehlers

Mama Fuel is all about the things we can do as Mamas to refuel – especially in those times when we’re simply running on empty. Food, drinks, breathing techniques, natural therapies – fuel for our body, minds and souls. So when I asked the beautiful Emily Ehlers, a IIN-trained Health Coach and gorgeous Mama to ‘Boog’, to contribute her top tip for you to refuel and rebuild, you’d be forgiven

When to get tough with yourself

mama warrior

When to get tough with yourself You know I’m all about being kind to yourself as a new Mama. Be gentle, forgive, treat yourself with love and kindness. Positive words, positive actions are the key to being a Happy Mama – in fact, treat yourself the same way you would your little one who’s had a bit of an off day. That’s usually my call to action, right? Well, I

Inspiring Mama: Helen Jacobs

helen jacobs little sage

Speaking about my intuition and spiritual connection through motherhood comes pretty easily for me now. I’ve grown braver over the past two years in being honest about what excites me, how I balance my life, and the lessons I’ve learnt. Even if they seem ‘out there’ to others. It’s my journey. And I stand in my truth. But it hasn’t always been like that. And I know it’s often hard

How to cope with being a new mum

how to cope with being a new mum

 Do what you have to do: how to cope with being a new mum   With my first baby, I spent every day for the first two weeks in the outpatient breastfeeding clinic at the hospital. My baby wouldn’t feed, and I simply couldn’t face staying at home by myself everyday, struggling with a hungry newborn. So the only way I could learn how to cope with being a new

The evolution of ‘Seek, Act, Love’

change your life

It was a mid-week afternoon, in a busy cafe on King St, Newtown. I’d finished my shift producing Breakfast Radio at ABC Sydney, and found myself with a notebook and pen, a strong coffee and an overwhelming desire to connect to something MORE. On paper, my life looked amazing. A prestigious job in the cut-throat world of Sydney media, two beautiful little girls, a supportive husband who was also climbing

Who lifts you up?

soul sister

Motherhood can change your friendships. Just when you need your support crew more than ever, girlfriends and friendships you thought would sustain you suddenly begin to evolve. You change, they change. Or you change and they stay the same. Then there’s the new friends you make – bonding over caesarean stories or baby swimming lessons, these are the Mamas you want to rely on, especially when the days are rocky

Inspiring Mama: Julie Keast

Julia and boys

Finding your ‘exercise thing’ post-baby can be tough. For some Mamas, the gym is where it’s at. They love their ‘Body Attack’ class, and the creche allows them to step away from being a Mum for an hour and really focus on themselves. For others, it’s walking. Babe in the pram, headphones in, and off they go. Pounding that pavement. My friend Bec from The Pram Diet is the expert

Why we need to let go of expectations

let it go

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s living the Frozen soundtrack at the moment. The Disney movie songs are on such high rotation in our household that I fall asleep singing about a snowman wanting to see summer… and wake up singing about a snowman wanting to see summer! It’s big. So perhaps it’s the soundtrack running through my mind this weekend that has lead me to tonight’s reflections.

5 ways to love your body after baby

Nic pregnant

This isn’t one of those posts. Filled with exercise tips on getting your flat tummy back, or insights into thigh-reducing foods. In fact, this isn’t one of those websites! Seek, Act, Love is all about self-care, kindness and lovin’, so there ain’t going to be any serious body changing tips here. Instead, there’s a whole dose of confidence boasting, soul-nourishing tips on how to feel better about this time in

Quietening the monkey mind

monkey mind

The buddhists call it the monkey mind: like monkeys in a cage, your thoughts bounce around inside your head, never slowing or quietening. I love that analogy. My mind often feels like a zoo, or a toddler after too much sugar – flicking from one thought to another, never settling on one thing, always racing. And when things aren’t running so smoothly in my house, that monkey can get cranky!