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5 ways to love your body after baby

This isn’t one of those posts.

Filled with exercise tips on getting your flat tummy back, or insights into thigh-reducing foods. In fact, this isn’t one of those websites! Seek, Act, Love is all about self-care, kindness and lovin’, so there ain’t going to be any serious body changing tips here.

Instead, there’s a whole dose of confidence boasting, soul-nourishing tips on how to feel better about this time in your life. Changing the way you look will happen – eventually. In it’s own timing. But how you feel about your body is something we can do right now.


With a little help from my gorgeous friend Nicola from Be One Healthy Mama and The Yogic Housewife.

I have to admit, I kinda love my post-baby belly. That soft skin, still stretched and showing that your baby was a part of you only moments ago. It isn’t until months have passed that I start to view it differently – and even then, I remind myself to be kind. And patient. It took nine months to change, it might take nine months to change back.

So beautiful new Mamas, this post comes to you with love, from both Nic and I. Be gentle with yourself and your new body. As the Ayurvedic tradition teaches, there is also a fourth trimester of pregnancy, one which should be all about gentle healing and nourishing.

Take your time.

Much love, and enjoy.


5 Ways To Love Your Body After Baby – Nicola Garcia

Nic pregnant

Your body, your amazing body, just made, grew and gave birth to a baby. A real live human being. Let’s just take a minute to realise how fantastic and surreal that is.

Ok now things are going to look…well…a little different on the body front….for just a little while, but you will be so obsessed with the little one that you won’t even notice, until your body has healed and your obstetrician has cleared you for some exercise.

Now loving your body is not about assessing the physical, it’s ALL mental. You can love your body in any size, shape or form – you are already perfect.

So how do you go from loathing, panic and criticism when looking in the mirror….to love?

Change your thoughts.

Step 1 – Love yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how freakin’ gorgeous you are. Your body just completed an amazing feat and you just finished a 9 month marathon – what a superstar. Repeat this daily, hourly, every second of the day…whatever you need to believe.

Step 2 – Eat well. By all means use up all the helpful meals you have been given and then make it easy for yourself to reach for good, wholesome, living food. The kind that is not going to send you crashing later in the day or searching for your next fix. I’m talking bananas and full fruit bowls, cut up vegie sticks and soups.  Already cooked chicken tenderloins and jars filled with nuts and trail mix. Give someone a list and get them to sort it out for you. You are busy.

Step 3 – Get out of the house. Whether it takes you five minutes or an hour – get some fresh air. I remember many a time with my first born the sheer effort to do all that would make me cry. Once I was outside I continued to cry behind my sunglasses but I walked and I breathed in the fresh air and my baby seemed to calm down.

Step 4 – Accept help. Your baby needs all the love it can get and it is perfectly acceptable that you don’t have to be by your baby’s side 24/7. Especially if there are husbands, grandmas and helpful friends waiting in the wings to grab that gorgeous creature for an hour. Then do what you need to do for you, massage, an exercise class or a coffee with a friend.

Step 5 – Move. Move for you. Not to shift cellulite or bring down that tummy but so that you can feel good. So that you feel strong. So that you smile more and laugh more and so that the nutrients you are taking in can be pumped around your body.

EVERYTHING changed when I learned to value myself, think beautiful thoughts about me and speak to myself the way I would speak to a treasured friend.

Motherhood allowed me to step into myself and the first step you need to take is to accept yourself and your body just the way you are.

In all your perfection.


Nicola Garcia is a writer and co-author of the book, How To Become One Healthy Mama. She also blogs over at The Yogic Housewife about Motherhood and being present during this beautiful journey.


(image: Dana Gallop Gallaries)

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  1. Nicola, every time I read your posts I feel like I am talking with a dear friend, someone who knows me so well. I am always inspired by your words and the joy that you radiate…even in the dark moments x

  2. Kristin that is so beautiful to read. Thank you x

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