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The evolution of ‘Seek, Act, Love’

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It was a mid-week afternoon, in a busy cafe on King St, Newtown.

I’d finished my shift producing Breakfast Radio at ABC Sydney, and found myself with a notebook and pen, a strong coffee and an overwhelming desire to connect to something MORE.

On paper, my life looked amazing. A prestigious job in the cut-throat world of Sydney media, two beautiful little girls, a supportive husband who was also climbing the ladder in his career. We’d only moved to Sydney 12 months earlier, but we were kicking ass. Living the dream, as they say.

But I was tired. Exhausted from trying to do it all. 3.30am starts chasing my career, before rushing home to relieve the nanny and be the Mama I longed to be. And every Sunday afternoon, a dark cloud would descend. The Sunday Blues – a feeling of dread at the enormity of my week ahead balancing my work, my family and my own wellbeing – would hit me pretty hard.

How could I turn this around? How could I focus on the good bits of my life?

And there I sat. In that cafe, staring out at the passing traffic of Newtown, trying to find what it was I really needed.

Then… clarity.

I need to write about this. I need to explore how I can nurture myself and my dreams while raising my family. I need to create an online space which is a combination of my own challenges balancing everything in my life with tips from other women and health experts I admire on how they do it.

And then… the words Seek, Act, Love literally just CAME TO ME.

It was perfect. Seek out who I am now I’m a Mama but still someone who wants their own dreams and career; find a way to take Action everyday to make sure I’m truly happy, healthy and connected; and then Love the life I’m living.

I remember calling my Mum with excitement. And texting a girlfriend in Adelaide the name.

And the very first post I would write?

My Sunday Promise. My way of working through those Sunday Blues and instead set an intention for my coming week.

That was July 2011. Little did I know that over the following 18 months, I would have another baby, be forced to take months off work, write an e-book, connect with thousands of other women also searching to find who they are now they are Mamas, and start to contemplate how to turn this little online space into something more Mamas turn to.

Which brings me to this post tonight.

Things have changed since that day in the cafe. My life has evolved beyond what I thought possible – case in point? I don’t get the Sunday Blues anymore. Well, hardly ever. The idea of setting a promise to myself every week has evolved into simple daily intentions, and a commitment to living in the now. I now know what I need to stay connected to my true self (even if I struggle to do it sometimes), and I now put my heart before my head.

That’s been such a huge lesson for me I’m going to say it again…

I now put my heart before my head. 

So what does that mean for Seek, Act, Love? Well Mamas – that’s still being worked out. I’m working closely with an AMAZING business coach to figure out I can work smarter (not harder) to really connect with more of you, create inspiring and supportive content for you, and get out to meet more of you. I can’t reveal too much just yet, but I do want to give you a little sneak peak of one thing I just can’t keep to myself any longer…


Can you guess what’s inside?? This is a photo of my very first products about to be shipped from China. Yup – China Mamas! Can you say ‘dream come true?’

I can’t wait to share it with you!

But until then, thank you to all of you who have told me on the SAL Facebook page and via my newsletter what you’re really looking for. Your honesty has truly helped me clarify where this is all heading.

There is one change I can tell you now though, and that is… there won’t be anymore Sunday Promise posts. I know that many of you loved the Sunday night ritual of checking in with me, but I’ve decided, once again, to follow my heart not my head… and my heart is telling me to enjoy my Sunday nights with my husband. He works ridiculously long hours, and we don’t often get to just sit and ‘be’ together during the week. So Sundays are pretty sacred now. Besides, as I said before, my goals are no longer to set hard and fast promises.  My goal is now to be connected to myself, my family and my soul’s purpose (which, I’ve come to realise, is connecting with you) every single day.

For those of you who still want that focus on a Sunday night though, there’s always social media! I’ll still post a thought on Facebook and Instagram, and would love to hear from you. If it feels right.

In the meantime beautiful Mamas, I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey.

Much love, and thank you for all the Sunday nights we have shared together.


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  1. Inspiring post Amy. Just what I needed on this rainy London Sunday night! I had a similar aha moment about writing, connecting and helping other women…but still seeing it come through to fruition. To hear other stories just gives me so much encouragement. Also just a bit spooky your are a Newtown girl…I consider it my “spiritual home”. My brother also lives there so we always gravitate around that area when we visit. (Um does it make me a bad mum that I did my pregnancy test in the Cooper Arms while on the way home one night from The Union bar!!). How times have changed! :) Amy xx

    • Oh I LOVE that story! What a very cool story to tell your daughter one day. And yes – life has certainly changed since then! From one inner west gal to another… love it. x

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