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Who lifts you up?

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Motherhood can change your friendships.

Just when you need your support crew more than ever, girlfriends and friendships you thought would sustain you suddenly begin to evolve. You change, they change. Or you change and they stay the same.

Then there’s the new friends you make – bonding over caesarean stories or baby swimming lessons, these are the Mamas you want to rely on, especially when the days are rocky and your soul needs reassurance. But these friends are new – you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Sure, you can connect over night-time routines, but can you tell her you hate the way you look right now? Can you shed a tear and admit that you’re worried about your marriage now there’s a baby in the mix?  

We need women in our lives who uplift us. We need friendships, soul sisters, mentors and teachers who leave us feeling stronger, healthier, more powerful.

A better versions of ourselves.

And I know we’re only online here, but I want to say … this is what I want for this space. This is what I want from my work from now on.

When I started all of this 18 months ago, I couldn’t have imagined collaborating with such a beautiful soul as Therese Kerr. You may think that being ‘Miranda Kerr’s Mum’ is what makes Therese such a great woman to have in your corner – but that would be because you haven’t spent any time with her yet.

Let me tell you – spend a few moments with this woman and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Therese helps you believe in yourself.

Whenever I walk away from a catch up with this beautiful woman, I am buzzing with ideas and inspiration on how I’m going to live a healthier life. How I’m going to be kinder to myself. How I’m going to nurture my children better.

And she’s done this right from the very beginning.

This is what women should do for each other.

So often as new Mamas we find ourselves in Mother’s Groups or Mums and Bubs exercise classes focusing on every little detail of raising our babies – sleeping, feeding, routines, tantrums.

All very important. To an extent.

For a Mama to be truly happy, though, she needs to be nurtured too. Someone needs to be focusing on the woman. This is a time of great change and uncertainty – probably the most we will ever go through – and we need support! We need to be reminded how amazing we are. We need a tribe.

This is what Therese and I want to create in our Divine Mama workshops.

But what if you’re not in Sydney, and you’re sitting there reading this thinking… “well that’s totally useless for me!”

First, hopefully we’re coming to you soon! Second – and this is the biggie – you can find this for yourself.

By focusing on what you really want in life, you will also attract who you really want. Put out to the universe that you want positive, inspiring women in your life who support you through your journey. Think about the types of friendships and relationships you want – you deserve the best. If you’ve already got those people in your life – embrace them! But if you don’t, don’t worry – they will start miraculously popping up very soon. Once you are on this path of telling the universe exactly what you want, things start to happen pretty quickly. Look what’s happened to me! 

Surround yourself with people who lift you up on this journey. And accept no less.

Much love Mamas, and have a beautiful week.


PS. If you are in Sydney, get all the details of the Divine Mama workshop here.


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Lovely comments

  1. Beautiful post and perfectly timed for Mothers Day here in UK :) I only wish I wasnt so far away and could make it to one of your Divine Mama workshops.

  2. While I don’t Therese, I know you and I think you have a similar effect on other women.
    Every post you write, every status you share on FB feels like a virtual hug with lashings of encouragement.

    If I lived in Sydney, I would be there in a jiffy x

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